Kefalonia Facts

Distance 48 km
Latitude 30 km
Surface 688,8 km2
Population ca. 40.000
Capital Argostoli

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Kefalonia – A magnificent Island in the Ionian Sea

Kefalonia, one of the seven Ionian Islands of Greece, is located in the west side of Greece, between Italy and Greek mainland. It is the largest of the Ionian Islands and the sixth-largest of all Greek Islands. Kefalonia is an island of fascinating natural beauty with warm, traditional hospitality and authentic Greek life. It maintains its own individual character and is still untainted by mass tourism.

The island is full of contrasts: High, wild mountains and cultivated fields with olive groves, orchards and vineyards. Long and sandy beaches in the south, breathtaking dramatic cliff shore in the west, idyllic flint bays with crystal clear waters in the east, little traditional hamlets and cosmopolitan yachting harbour in the north.

Mount Aenos is the hightest mountain of the Island (1,628 m) and a National Park with unique protected fauna and flora, such as the famous fir tree species Abies Cephalonica. Hiking to its peak is highly recommended for nature lovers and hikers. It offers spectacular views towards the Ionian Sea and the neighbour Island of Zakynthos.

Kefalonia also hosts some remarkable endangered species such as the Caretta-Caretta Sea Turtle, the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus Monachus and the wild horses of Mount Aenos.

On the island there are numerous of monasteries and old churches with interesting frescos, colourful bell towers and superb views. In the summer time public festivals are held here and in the little villages in honour of the Saints of the Island Kefalonia . Here you can see how locals celebrate with traditional food, local wine and Kefalonian dances.

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