Travel By Ferry via Italy to Kefalonia

The fast and comfortable ferries operate daily between Italy (Ancona, Bari or Venice) and Greece.

The ferry from Ancona takes 24 hours to reach the Greek port of Patras. The trip itself is a beautiful journey. 

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Superfast & Anek Lines
Minoan Lines

1 hour drive takes you from port of Patras to port of Kyllini. From Kyllini there are several ferries operation daily to Kefalonia.

Patras - Kyllini: approx. 1 hour drive

Kyllini - Poros:  1,5 ferry ride

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Kefalonian Lines

If you travel from Italy to Igoumenitsa, you can reach Kefalonia via the neighbour island Lefkada.

Igoumenitsa - Lefkada: approx. 2 hours drive

Lefkada - Kefalonia: approx. 1,5 hours ferry ride

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